Life is a constant cycle of challenges.

Every new challenge requires us to adapt.

We have to fill different roles and take on many responsibilities.

We are required to build and maintain relations, rise well adjusted children all the time whilst also dealing with our own losses and trauma.

All of these requires us to constantly solve problems with flexibility and creativity.

We all try our best, on our own, but often we find ourselves back in the familiar patterns and just more of the same.

Even when we try our best, we remain stuck in painful and frustrating processes that can be overwhelming.

Sometimes, this could mean we develop psychological symptoms.

But, the validation, collaboration and guidance of a psychologist can provide the breakthrough you, your relationship or your family may need.

I am a South African Clinical Psychologist who has relocated to Leuven, Belgium in January 2017.  I have experience in working in various different settings and in working with different cultural experiences, including expats and their unique challenges in adjusting in a new country.

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