There is a saying that we can choose our friends but not our family. If there are ineffective interactional patterns at play in the family system it cause untold psychological distress for individuals. 

Yet, if these issues are resolved - through following the interactional model under the guidance of an experienced therapist - the family bonds can work to bring strength and stability to the lives of the individuals in the family system. This form of therapy goes beyond the individual’s needs and brings happiness and stability to the whole family.

Some situations where family therapy can be beneficial are:

  • When one member of the family presents with a serious medical or psychological issue and where the family needs guidance in how to deal with it
  • Conflict between siblings, or between children and parents
  • Where a family struggles to effectively deal with a transitional phase in the family life
  • When two families blend together after a separation/divorce and then a re-marriage or new relationship is established between parents