Hypnosis is a very powerful therapeutic tool. It delivers very satisfactory results within a short time frame in some applications such as:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Self-esteem / self-confidence issues
  • Emotional eating (binge eating)
  • Dealing with stressful situations (including exam stress)
  • Enhancing sports performance
  • Working through unresolved emotional experiences (including trauma)
  • Dealing with fears or phobias
  • Assisting with childbirth
  • Pain management (e.g. chronic illness or fibromyalgia)
  • Enhancing overall well-being

It is a form of guided relaxation that can assist a person to make changes to behavioural patterns and beliefs, as well as resolve unresolved emotional experiences or trauma.  The therapist guides the relaxation process during which the client remains in full control. It is a process which helps the client become more of who he/she truly is through tapping into inner resources and potential.

Depending on the individual, hypnosis can be used on its own or in combination with other forms of therapeutic inputs to help the client reach their outcomes.