Standing in Awe

On Monday I was in the fortunate situation that I finished work early and could drive to the Atlantic Seabord to take a stroll on Sea Point's promenade and watch the sun set. For me that becomes a tranquil, meditative space. A time where my mind is just focussed on my here-and-now experience. Putting worries and stress aside. 


I'm often intrigued by how people are facinated by the sunset. And as I was watching this special sunset  ...


I was reminded of the words of the renowned psychologist, Carl Rogers, on how he looks at people in the same way that he looks at a sunset - non-judgemental appreciation. 


We don't look at a sunset thinking it needs a little bit more yellow or a little less red. Or that the colour combination is too warm or too cold. We appreciate a sunset for what it is. Standing in awe. This is how Rogers viewed people.  


We so easily get bogged down in our relationships by what irritates us or by what we want to change. Often losing focus of the beauty in front of us. Losing focus of what adds value and what is special and unique.  

Larissa ErnstComment